International Flights Page

International Flights Page

The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is connected by the flights by different airlines from around the world. A noticeable number of international flights operate on daily basis .Some of the airlines are operating direct flights and some need to use transit i.e. Hongkong, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok etc to Nepal and back. India and China is the nearest neighbor of Nepal, so a number of flights operate to Nepal from the major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore and China on regular basis. The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is the airport code of Kathmandu. You can fly through any of the transit points. You can check with your local travel agents or the airlines for competitive airfares. We also offer such services for our clients; all you need to do is contact us before travelling.

Below are the major International flight operators to and from Kathmandu airport.


      Thai Airways
      Flies through: Bangkok to Kathmandu
      Operates: Everyday
      Convenient Network from Europe and Americans


     Silk Air
     Flies through: Singapore to Kathmandu
     Operates: Everyday
     Convenient Network from Europe, Americans and Australia


     Fly Dubai
     Flies through: Dubai to Kathmandu
     Operates: Everyday
     Convinient Network : Daily flights from all around the world to Dubai by Emirates Airlines


     Spice Jet
     Flies thorough: Major Indian cities to Kathmandu
     Operates: Everyday


     Gulf Air
     Flies through Muscat and Abu Dhabi
     Operates: Everyday (two flights)
     Convenient Network from Europe and Americans


     Qatar Air
     Flies through Doha
     Operates: Everyday (two flights)
     Convenient Network from Europe and Americans


     Biman Bangladesh
     Flies through: Dhaka
     Operates: Daily


    Jet Airways
    They have wide connections available from all over Americans and Europe through to India



     GMG Airlines
     Flies through: Dhaka
     Operates: Tue, Thu, Sun


     Etihad Airways
     Flies through: UAE
     Operates Daily
     They have wide connections available from all over Americans and Europe .


     Korean Air
     Flies through: Seoul
     Operates: 3 times a week


     Dragon Air
     Flies through: Hongkong
     Operates: Every Day


     BB Airways
     Flies thorough: Malaysia, Hongkong
     Operates : Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri | Tue, Fri & Sun


     China Southern
     Flies through: Guangzhou
     Operates: Every day


     Indian Airlines
     They have wide connections available from all over Americans and Europe through to India



Airlines by Region

➱ Abu Dhabi
➱ Gulf Air
➱ Bangkok
➱ Thai Airways (Daily)
➱ Chengdu
➱ Air China
➱ Delhi (Daily Flight to Kathmandu)
➱ Indian Airlines, Air Sahara, Jet Airways, Nepal Airlines, Indigo Air, spice Jet
➱ Frankfurt
➱ Qatar Air (via Doha)
➱ Hong Kong
➱ Thai Airways (via Bangkok)
➱ London
➱ Jet Airways (via India)
➱ Gulf Air (via Muscat or Abu Dhabi)
➱ New York
➱ Thai Airways (via Bangkok)
➱ Singapore Airlines (via Singapore)
➱ North West Airlines (via Bangkok)

International Flights to Bhutan

The only way to enter Bhutan via air is by Druk Airlines. Flight gets delayed during monsoon due to adverse weather condition. We suggest you to keep a day gap before any connecting international flights. For air tickets reservation you can contact us with your full name and other details in your passport. Since Druk Air does not issue paper tickets; we will issue your e-tickets and email or fax them to you in advance.

International Flights to Tibet

There are non-stop flights connecting Lhasa with Kathmandu (capital of Nepal) ,Chengdu (capital of Sichuan Province), Chongqing, Diqing (in Yunnan Province) and Xian (capital of Shaanxi Province) , while direct flights connecting Lhasa with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou makes stops at Chengdu, Qingqing, Diqing or Xian.

Flying from Kathmandu is suggested, as you can have some good time in Nepal before you leave for Tibet.

International Flight for India

Delhi is connected with a large number of cities through airway. From almost all the major cities of the world, you can find a plane heading to Delhi. And a number of major airlines provide flight service to Delhi.

Here is a list of the cities from where flights can be taken to Delhi: 

➱ London
➱ Singapore
➱ New York
➱ Dubai
➱ Sydney
➱ Hong Kong
➱ Toronto
➱ Paris
➱ Tokyo
➱ Beijing
➱ Frankfurt

List of airlines that fly to Delhi:

➱ Emirates
➱ Austrian Airlines
➱ Lufthansa
➱ Thai Airways
➱ Gulf Air
➱ Etihad Airways
➱ Finn air
➱ Qatar Airways
➱ Japan Airlines



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