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Nepal offers a wide options for the cultural tours. Being a small country in the globe, it accommodates people with more than 125 ethnic groups and 123 spoken languages. In every walk of step you will be greeted by the new faces expressing their enticing hospitable nature. Nepal is a secular state with a pre-dominance of Hindu and Buddhist population. Nepal represents a blend of the ancient history enhanced by the vibrant cultures, tradition and the lifestyle. From the ancient period there has been religious tolerance between the people living in the area which has been displayed in the arts and architectures prevailing in the heritage sites till date.

The civilization of Kathmandu valley is around 3000 years old and during the period of time various dynasties has ruled over and left the traces of the art and architecture of the prevailing period. But it was only in the later Malla and the Shah period (14th -18th Centuries), the valleys fabulous cities with their exquisite pagoda, shikhara and stupa architecture, ornate palaces and artistic temples came to shape that one can see today. The stone sculptures wooden art, terracotta art, metal works with the intricate designs made by the artists are impressive and express originality. Various outstanding monuments of Nepal are under different categories has been enlisted by UNESCO in its list of World Heritage Sites. In the cultural category seven distinct monuments of Kathmandu valley namely Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changunarayan temple, Pashupatinath temple, Swoyambhunath and Boudhanath are listed which together are counted as one along with Lumbini the birth place of Siddhartha Gautam known as the “Light of Asia”.

Classic outdoors presents the tour packages that will help fulfill your interest and gets yourself indulge into various activities and make your stay a memory of a lifetime. Our cultural tour packages combined with some of the adventure activities and other interesting places for tourism will get yourself lost in the world of scenic appearance and cultural beauty. The numerous sites we have offered will take you away from any sorts of misery and revitalize you both physically and mentally.

Nepal Cultural Tours Packages

4 Days Cultural Tour Of Kathmandu

Days: 4

This tour provides you the opportunity to explore the cultural heritages of the medieval period in the valley an insight of trekking in t...

Price: 390 USD
Duration: 4 days

6 Days Of Kathmandu And Chitwan Tour

Days: 6

This tour provides you the opportunity to explore the cultural heritages of the medieval period in the valley as well as experience the w...

Price: 650 USD
Duration: 6 days

Kathmandu And Pokhara Tour 5 Nights And 6 Days

Days: 1

This tour offers Kathmandu Tour with Pokhara. You will get the opportunity to explore the cultural heritages of the medieval period as we...

Price: 590 USD
Duration: 1 days

Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan And Lumbini Tour 9nights And 10days

Days: 10

This tour package provides the opportunity to explore the capital city Kathmandu along with Pokhara the city of lakes, Chitwan the paradi...

Price: 0 USD
Duration: 10 days

Best Of Nepal Kathmandu Chitwan And Pokhara

Days: 8

The tour leads your visit to various UNESCO World heritage sites of the valley and provides you the opportunity to explore the cultural h...

Price: 890 USD
Duration: 8 days

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