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Bhutan offers one of the best cultural tours in South Asia and it is considered an ideal destination for the ones who are enthusiastic to learn the culture and lifestyle of the people. Bhutan’s isolation has resulted its culture and traditions remaining much the same for many hundreds of years. Bhutan is perhaps the most pristine of all remote lands in the world as it is surrounded by high mountains, protected by Druk Yul, the country still retains the flavor of the past. The Bhutanese tourism industry is based on the principles of sustainability i.e. the tours must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable as well as economically viable. As you travel along the cities, you will be welcomed by the stunning architectures especially in the temples and fortress with the patterns of flowers, animals and religious motifs decorated in their traditional colors and patterns. The best way to experience the ancient living culture of Bhutan is via witnessing the colorful Buddhist festivals. There are many festivals that are celebrated throughout the year with equal enthusiasm and with huge number of participants. 
Bhutan Tour mainly focusses on sightseeing of major cultural attraction of a country that is the visit of pilgrimage site in Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Kichu Dzong and the view of Black Mountain along with a chance to explore the natural grandeurs, adventures and history. The sightseeing tours to the culturally rich monasteries, forts (Dzongs), temples, museums that exhibits the traditional architecture, paintings, murals and statues are the prime highlights of the trip. 

We Classic Outdoors intend a well-spent limited-time vacation in Bhutan. Our tours of Bhutan designed by us have inculcated the great sense of cultural showcasing of various parts of Bhutan, though it's on you to choose what part of the country's culture should be visited by you. We offer a wide selection of Bhutan cultural tour packages tailored especially for your needs.

Bhutan Cultural Tours Packages

4 Days Bhutan Tour

Days: 4
The tour provides an opportunity to explore the cultural landmarks of Bhutan. The program is designed in such a way that it provides you amp...

Price: 0 USD
Duration: 4 days

5 Days Bhutan Tour

Days: 5

The 5 days Bhutan Tour leads you to Bhutan, the country that is rich in the natural and the cultural resources. The...

Price: 0 USD
Duration: 5 days

6 Days Bhutan Tour

Days: 6
Bhutan is a paradise for the ones who are interested in learning new things and are open to the vivid culture. The people of Bhutan strictly...

Price: 0 USD
Duration: 6 days

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