Safety Guidelines

Traveling safe is very important and is always a matter of concern for a traveler. Different beautiful places in the world are yet to be exploited because of the safety issues. But Nepal has always been considered as safe tourist destination for the travelers. There were serious security issues during the Maoist regime which has been resolved and the current situation is quite stable and one can travel without being hesitant.

We recommend you follow the safety guidelines and beupdated.

➱ We recommend you to find a reliable and legally registered trek/travel agency.
➱ You should always travel with company’s guide and never go alone or else there are chances for you to go wander off.
➱ You should be well acquainted about the travel health and travel insurance before travelling.
➱ You should idea about the climate, geography, temperature and environment of Nepal before starting your trip.
➱ Since travel insurance is very important, make sure your travel insurance covers everything from flight cancellation, medical emergencies, to baggage lost. Your travel insurance should also cover winter or extreme sports activities.
➱ For long stays in Nepal get yourself registered with your country's consulate or embassy.
➱ You should get enough information before going to any destination. You can obtain such information from the company itself, from the guides/leaders and local people of the area are also of great help.
➱ You should always keep your passport, money and other important belongings in a secure place. All the hotels provide safe to keep your valuables until you return from trekking. You are not advised to wear expensive jewelry and accessories while travelling. The money bag you are carrying should be kept safely.
➱ Using credit cards instead of cash is a wiser idea.
➱ You shouldn’t keep all your money in one place and make sure you have noted the numbers of your traveler's checks so they can be replaced if they are stolen.
➱ You should not involve yourself in activities such as doing drugs, trafficking and sexual relations with children. You might be in a big problem if you are reported doing such activities.
➱ You should always read and understand the terms and conditions of trekking/travel agency that you agreed.
➱ You should be aware of every health related information that required for the activities you are interested on.
➱ For any emergency while trekking doesn't hesitate to contact to your travel agency. They are always ready for your help.

People of Nepal consider guest as god and welcome will you with a warm heart. They are amicable and traditional. It’s the culture and hospitality of Nepali people that the foreigners are attracted to. You will be welcomed with beautiful smile and warm heart.

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Things to Consider while Trekking in Nepal

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