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Responsible travel has become a buzz word lately, but it’s so much more than a marketing trend. Furthermore, it has provided an impetus to assist in greening the tourism industry on many fronts. It is traveling in a way that minimizes impact and gives back to the places we visit .At Classic Outdoors , we believe in promoting responsible tourism because, in long run, it helps to operate in a responsible manner, incorporating the principles of sustainable development. Moreover, ithelps to continue enjoying the natural beauty, the culture, and the interactions that make your travel so special. We are committed to maintaining our integrity, living our values and ensuring that we're fulfilling the core purpose of our business. We expect our staff and clients to demonstrate the principles of responsible travel - respecting people, cultures and local environments. Our focus is to protect the environment and use the available resources in sustainable way that causes less physical impact on the destination we travel. Our guests are well informed our about the social and cultural aspects in detail by our leaders and staffs. We also encourage them to buy the local products. We are lifetime member of (KEEP) Kathmandu Environmental Education Project, a non-profitable organization that works for cultural and ecological wellbeing of Nepal.

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