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Due to different environment conditions there are chances falling sick while travelling. You might have to travel in extreme climatic conditions, which you might not be accustomed to. Unhealthy physical conditions may ruin the entire trip. So you should be extra careful regarding your health and fitness. The following tips might be helpful:

➱ Make sure the water you drink is clean. Avoid drinking water directly from the local taps, streams or waterfalls. Always carry boiled or bottled drinking water or other carbonated energy drinks. Make sure that the water you buy is of good standards because in many places people sell fake bottled water. Always check the seal before buying bottled water from the local stores.

➱ Nepalese food is spicy in compared to food from other countries. Nepalese are fond of spices. Foreigners might find the food very oily and spicy. So you are not advised to eat hot and spicy food which might upset your stomach. Try to avoid stale food and always go to clean cafes and restaurants to eat.

➱ Do not eat hot or very spicy food. They can upset your stomach. Stay away from salads as leaves not cleaned properly can contain tiny bugs unseen to eyes. Eat from good, clean restaurants and don't try your luck with roadside vendors.

➱ Always use an insect repellent if you find yourself in a mosquito-prone area.

➱ Keep yourself hydrated, if you are traveling to a hot humid place. Always carry sunglasses, hat and sun block lotions with you. Carry chocolates, energy bars, and glucose to energize you.

➱ If you need doctor, ask your host family, hotel or our country coordinator. You'll find plenty of helping hand. Most of the towns and villages in Nepal have pharmacies and chemists, if you want to purchase any medical supplies. The medication and the fees for the doctors are reasonable.

➱ Most of modern medicines are available in the drugstores of Nepal but they may be named differently with same or different composition. It is always wise to bring the drugs /medicines by yourself if you are taking any on regular basis.

➱ Do not forget to carry a first aid kit that includes band aids, medicines for upset stomach, antacids, mind fever and head ache and normal bandage

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