Trekking : Mustang Region

Mustang Region

Mustang: the picturesque town in Nepal is one of the major trekking destination that has come in notice to the visitors within last decade. It is one of the unique destination as it is the rain shaded area of the country. Mustang is often regarded as “The Little Tibet” and even “The Last Forbidden Kingdom”. The region lies in the north on the Tibetan plateau south to the border of Tibet. The upper part of the Mustang region lies under the restricted area as mentioned by the government of Nepal. The entry of the foreigners are strictly controlled and a special area permit need to be issued to reach the area.

The landscape of the Mustang area is unique as it is a barren moonscape with battered sandstone pillars that resembles to the landscape of Tibet. Trekking in the mustang region has a lot to offer as you can enjoy the deserted landscape along with the rich Tibetan culture along with the ancient Bon religion which can still be seen in the Gompa such as Ghar Gompa. As per the local legend the great founders of Tibetan Buddhism, Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche), who before building Samye (the oldest monastery in Tibet) came to Mustang to stand guard against and get into a battle with the evil powers who were out to destroy Buddhism. The temple of Lo Gekhar in eastern Mustang was built by Padmasambhava after his triumphant battle and still stands guard today.

As you walk along the trail you will observe the colorful Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, Chorten, Mani Walls and culture stone structure. They have a unique architecture, all the houses, gates, pavements etc. in villages are the living example of this kind of architecture. You will also get to see the unique monasteries, caves, local tribes and scenic beauty. Mustang, a former kingdom in north-central Nepal, is also home to one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries. The traces of the ancient civilizations has also been found at the sky caves along the Kalagandaki River.

Upper Mustang Trek

Days: 17
Upper Mustang “The forbidden Kingdom” is considered to be the remotest region of Nepal. However this region offers us...

Price: 1980 USD
Duration: 17 days

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